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Explanation of jobs needed for Pineland Suzuki School to function smoothly.

Grant research and writing. Many foundations and businesses, local, national & possibly international,

are committed to giving funds for worthy causes. Estimated time: 2 hours per week, through-out the

year. Duties: research and gather information, personal contact (at least by telephone) with grantors

and sponsors, keep track of deadlines, consult with teachers as necessary. A teacher may write the

actual grant.

Newsletter editor. Need a newsletter software program and good working computer knowledge.

Monthly newsletters, Estimated time: 4 hours per month.

Newsletter column. Take on a specific topic dear to your heart, and commit to writing and submitting a

monthly column. Ideas: “Practice tips” or “Youtube Picks” “ . Solicit ideas from other parents, students.

Estimated time 1-3 hours per month.

Concert programs. Need software and good working computer knowledge. Benefit Concert program is

the biggest job,, with many ads and other information. Estimated time: 10-15 hours during the 3 weeks

before the concert.

Perform in community concerts. All students are expected to perform in the big concerts – Benefit

Concert, Christmas concert, solo recitals and graduation recitals. But also, each year we highly

recommend that students perform in smaller concerts in the community at retirement homes, schools,

Old Fort Western, parks, festivals, etc. There are four major benefits to these concerts. First, our

students enjoy sharing their music with others and thus are more motivated to practice. Second, we give

not only peaceful, joyful and exciting music to the community, but an inspiring example of what children

can accomplish through daily discipline and persistence. Third, by bringing music out to people who

would not ordinarily go to a concert or sign their children up for music lessons, we often gain new

students. Finally, we often receive donations for these concerts.

Solicit ads and sponsors, sell tickets to Benefit Concert. We ask all families to work on raising money in

some way. This year, $100 per family must be raised to make ends meet! Some students have enjoyed

taking their instruments directly to businesses and offering to play right there if they buy an ad! Some

families have made their donation by selling tickets to friends, relatives and neighbors ahead of time or

buying tickets for them. Even if your friends do not attend the concert, they have made a small

donation. Major sponsors ($500 and over) enjoy the benefits of their logo on the poster, special

performances, etc. Some past sponsors have been Mckee Law, Lipman, Katz and McKee, Kennebec

Savings Bank, The Woodlands, Granite Hill Estates as well as individuals. If you know of a possible major

sponsor, cultivate their interest in some personal way. If you notice an ad or sponsorship in our concert

program of someone with whom you do business, a personal note or word of appreciation would go a

long way in continuing our relationship with donors. It is heartwarming to see how much support we

have from the community. Let’s be sure to keep it!

Benefit Concert organizer. Many people volunteer to make the Benefit Concert happen. One person

needs to coordinate it all and make sure that people sign up for and do their jobs on time. The past few

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years, a teacher has done this. A teacher can help, but it would be much better for the musical

preparation if a teacher does not have the full responsibility for this major concert.

Official photographer. Take photos at all events. Post on facebook or ….. Submit a few, with captions,

to newsletter each month. Make a PSS calendar? Collect photos from others (because you probably

won’t be at all concerts!) and keep on file …somewhere…..

Publicity. Whenever there is an event that needs publicity, prepare photos, press release, articles and

addresses of media. Request media coverage for certain events, and follow up. Work with director to

write press release. Estimated time: ongoing through-out the year, 1 or 2 hours per event.

Director’s assistant. Estimated time: 2 hours per week. Copy music, make phone calls, etc.

Group Class clean up. Estimated time: ½ hour after every group class and concert. Take responsibility

for making sure all rooms are put back in order, neat and clean, lights turned off and doors locked. If you

are not able to do this on occasion, find someone else who can.

Childcare at group class. Estimated time: 1 ½ hours at each group class. This could be a job for an older

teen, or for a couple parents to trade. We welcome and encourage parents and siblings to attend group

class, but never at the expense of a calm learning environment! Observing group class is how parents

learn what their children need to practice more (Bowings? Tempo? Review? Paying attention?) and it is

how younger siblings learn! We would like a parent to organize and arrange for childcare if it is


Organizing set up and clean up for pot luck dinners. Ongoing through-out the year. Whenever PSS has

a pot luck dinner, it is your responsibility to contact families to sign up for set up and clean up.

Serving on the PSS Board of Directors. Meetings a few times a year to decide various issues in the

running of the school. In the past we have met on Fridays at noon. There may be other jobs according to

your expertise, knowledge and desire.

Fundraising organizing. This could be as simple as finding an event where students can play to earn

money, and coordinating the date and time with a teacher. Or, it could be actively and regularly seeking

out and organizing performing opportunities. Or, it could be coordinating the ads and sponsors for the

Benefit Concert, signing people up for various businesses in their towns, etc.